PORTIMAO SUNSET (Put Your Hand In Mine)


Fitzroy inside

(This prayer was written for this morning's service in Fitzroy following a sermon on Jesus encounter with the Samritan woman at the well (John 4) inspired by Tom Petty's song Fault Lines... a short summary is the previous blog to this one on Soul Surmise)


As we approach the well this morning

We are aware from our vantage point in history

Of exactly who you are

The Word made Flesh

The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world

The Resurrection and The Life

God in our neighbourhood

And yet we are told

That we can boldly approach

With confidence

To receive mercy and grace to help us in our time of need

We worship you as the Alpha and The Omega

The Omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God

We thank you for your grace and mercy

And we approach this well


We come aware of our brokeness

Of our neediness

Of our fault lines

We come no matter

Seeking not only the truth of who we are

And the truth of who you are 

And the truth about what you have done for us 

We are seeking grace

We are seeking welcome

We are seeking your gentle whispering

That will speak into our fault lines

And repair our souls

Making us whole, restored, redeemed


Search us Lord and know our hearts

test us and know our anxious thoughts

See if there is any offensive ways in us

And lead us in the way everlasting


Lord help us to search our own hearts

Shine a light on the fault lines that lurk 

Dangerous and ready to crack us open


Lord let us look deep into our family scenario

The place we were raised and the flags that flew around us

The Churches we grew up in and sermons we heard

The economic circumstances of our lives

The schools that developed us

The cultural shaping of our age

The academic pressures we succeeded or failed in

The relationships that hurt us

The tragedies that grieved us

The traumas that still bruise

Our insecurities and inferiority complexes 


Help us too Lord to see where these fault lines

Effect our living

Help us see where they impact our relationships

Those we are drawn too and those who repel us

Help us to see how our faultlines make us react to different situations


Where our fault lines lead us to sin, forgive us


And do more than forgive us Lord

Help us to be honest with each other, with you and with ourselves

Then repair us Lord so that we don’t damage others 

Repair us so that we become resources that you can use to repair others

May we become aware of the fault lines in each other

May we not condemn or judge

But ask what are the fault lines they have been living with

What has caused them to be damaged and broken


Then Lord by your Spirit

Use we as a repairer of souls

May I be a spring of water for others

Of welcome, grace, belonging and unconditional love

May the woman who goes in the heat of the day

Find me at the well

Filled with the grace and truth of Jesus

May the wisdom of God inside me

Always have a kind face

And may the confident truth I speak

Always have a gentle tone


May we be fault line repairers within these walls

Outside these walls

Across the fault lines of our city

And the fault line of the world.


We approach the well Lord

Expectant of redemption

In our minds… our hearts… and our souls.


Repair us through Jesus

And For Jesus

In Jesus name



Kim Rooney

This prayer is so real and so much needed in all our lives. It is not only a prayer for personal healing from the Lord to deal with our own fault lines but an opportunity to understand others as we help them make this journey with Jesus. We have all been the Samaritan woman in one way or another in our lives. Feeling misunderstood by others. The good news is God heals! There is no fairy tale ending but we do have the opportunity to facilitate others in their healing also and the promise that one day there will be that fairy tale ending when we get to Glory!

Kim Rooney (member of Fitzroy church)

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