ON WORLD AIDS DAY; Sindy, AIDS and Meeting God


Fitzroy 200 a

In the morning (11am) Jonathan Abernethy- Barkley writes, "What happens when God turns up but not how the religious think he ought too? We will be continuing in John chapter 5 as the religious leaders put the word made flesh through a job interview and don't quite recognise his credentials? We will be looking at how the world was in chaos and how the word becomes flesh and brings even more chaos with him. We will be asking do we really want this life Jesus came for us to have? While thinking about how the religious can get in the way of what Jesus is doing in the here and now! All with the help of Heidegger and that voice of a generation Billie Piper."

In the evening (7pm) we will be gently reflecting on how Advent impacts the Church and then taking some time to pray for Fitzroy, giving thanks for the past 200 years and seeking God for the years ahead.


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