Jesus 2

(I wrote this back around 1996 for The Jesus Project which presented the life of Jesus in poetry, song and dance... It caught my attention this weekend as I prepare to preach on Jesus' meeting with the Samaritan woman in John 4... I think the title comes from Philip Yancey, either in What's So Amazing About Grace or The Jesus I Never Knew... chuckled as I typed it today, as I remembered some "Rich Young Rulers" who walked out of a performance at University of Ulster Jordanstown... appropriate I think!)

I saw him in the distance

I wasn’t going to get too close

You don’t take chances with leprosy

Unless you are him I suppose

He could have shouted from a distance

Said you’re healed and then dismissed them

But this guy went and sat among them

And before he left he kissed them

Like an angel with reckless wings

In a world the world despised

He seemed to see everything different

Like he was looking through grace healed eyes.


I was there, right in the middle

I was helping make up the jury

We dragged her from her iniquitous bed

With the brute force and righteous fury

And there she stood full naked

Exposed in her flesh and her sin

He said he’d come to judge the world

So let the lightning strikes begin

“He who is perfect then cast the stone”

He knew our blood and guilt would rise

Left alone at last he looked at her

Forgave her with his grace healed eyes.


One day at last I met him

We stared through the crowd face to face

If he was the  way to eternal life

Then how could I pick my place

“Have you kept all the commandments”

I assured him of course I had

“Sell all you have, give it to the poor”
I’m telling you this man is mad

I stormed away my soul in turmoil

Like some antagonist to be defied

Yet I felt his heart yearning after me

Haunting me with his grace filled eyes

He haunts me with his grace filled eyes

He haunts me with his grace filled eyes.


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