Fitzroy 200

“Fitzroy Presbyterian Church can be traced back to 1813, when a small group of families with "burgher" sympathies left Belfast's Seceder Meeting House in Berry Street. The fledgling congregation met in various loaned premises (including Meeting Houses belonging to Methodists, Independents and Covenanters) before hiring premises in Commercial Court as a temporary measure. They successfully petitioned the Secession Synod of Ulster to be recognised as a separate congregation and the Second Seceder Congregation was formalised - it was only the seventh Presbyterian congregation to be established in Belfast.”

We are thankful to God that not only is that “fledgling congregation” still around 200 years later but we are growing, alive and vibrant as a witness for Jesus Christ in Belfast. Indeed, as we celebrate 200 years we are embarking on a building programme that will allow us to serve the community around us for the decades, and please God the centuries, to come. As a way to celebrate this landmark we running a series of events : -

NOVEMBER 10 @ 7pm – Rt. Rev. Dr. Rob Craig, The Moderator of The General Assembly in Conversation – as well as talking to Rob about his life, ministry, being Moderator and why his Fantasy League team seems to be doing better since he got elected Moderator, we will spend some time asking him about his recent trip to Rwanda and the impact that has on him concerning reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

NOVEMBER 15 @ 7.30 – Steve Stockman – JESUS... THE WAY -  a look at why Fitzroy has believed Jesus to be not just the most significant figure in the history of the Church but the history of the world. With some tasty guitar edged worship and song.

NOVEMBER 16 @ 7.30 – Dr. David Livingstone – JESUS... THE TRUTHIn the style of Fitzroy’s Faith On Trial series, David will take on the cerebral of faith, revealing a worldview that transcended the flimsiness of post modernity and the arrogance of modern science. Jesus is the truth that transcends all other worldviews.  

NOVEMBER 17 @ 11am – Rt. Rev. Dr. Ken Newell – JESUS... THE LIFE – In our morning service, with worship directed by Chris Blake, we welcome back our former minister who will share how the way of Jesus and the truth of Jesus has led him to live a life following Jesus.

NOVEMBER 17 @ 7pm – Alain Emerson – GETTING READY FOR WHAT’S NEXT – Alain is a pastor and main mover in the 24/7 Prayer Movement. He will be bringing the inspiration that will launch the next 200 years. Worship will be by our talented youth band and we will also be hearing from Richard Spratt form Fields Of Life as we embark on building a school in Uganda.

NOVEMBER 20 @ 7.30 – 14 DAYS – We are delighted to be screening the stunning BBC documentary 14 Days with the directors and contributors Ken Newell and Fr. Gerry Reynolds in the house. We believe that a screening in a Church will give extra poignancy and prophetic edge.

NOVEMBER 24 @ 11am – Rev. Whitney Wilkinson - FITZROY ACROSS THE WORLD – To round up our special events we welcome back our former intern and PCUSA minister Whitney and hope to spend time thanking God for Fitzroy’s reach overseas.


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