Tim Higgins

From what I know of our Lord Jesus, I agree wholeheartedly that he would feel for those who are feeling isolated or let down. His empathy is perfect. But so is his anger: he would utterly denounce self-righteousness in any religious leader, he would cry out against any hint of hypocrisy, and he would verbally address those politicians who continue to show partisan sympathies just to bolster their own vote. Although he did tend to avoid political comment as such. He mainly addressed sin in religious people.

I too condemned believers who joined in the partisan rantings in my own blog but failed to stop to consider my own place of inaction and 'righteous' condemnation of such things that still plague our society. Lord help me to reexamine my motives. Thanks, Stocki.

Smyth Harper

Rev Stockman has fully summed up how a number of Worshippers in the Congregations feel, we were initially indignant about the restrictions put on Orange Lodges on returning home from the Belfast Twelfth Demonstration...then the mist cleared, and fundamental Christian principals kick-in, the Gospel Message is one of Love, Understanding, Acceptance of All, without compromise of one's Christian Faith...that message is writ large in our Scriptures and without that fundamental acceptance of the basic tenet of our Faith, we are grasping and being guided by human frailty.
I sincerely and respectfully trust that our Moderator is having dialogue with the Methodist President...and possibly...Rev Steve Stockman.

The Slicer

Grace toward repentance and transformation, for all of us. That's a lot different from condoning that which shouldn't be condoned, or tolerated. We all, regardless of class, bear responsibility for our actions, and inactions, and self-interest.

joe kelly

the signs and symptoms of isolation is something which has been experienced by many around the world and is not the sole preserve of any single group or community, the greatest enemy is fear which feeds anxiety and undermines hope, personally I prefer to draw my comfort from the source of all hope my identity is certified by the highest authority yet this was not always so, we are indeed a product of the sum of all our experiences, we are born into traditions and cultures we do not bring them into the world they are acquired, we feel at ease with familiar ideas values and symbols, we breath the same air drink the same water and eat the same food we share the same city and the desire to have peace for our families , we have much in common but could still have so much more. The work that goes on to unite our young people will produce results we need to continue to build our shared future and bury the ghosts of the past that baggage weighs us down and holds us back, it is up to all of us to build the better future for our children .
hope springs eternal

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