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Hi, I'm also a Presbyterian Music "Minister." Your post here is very well written. I in fact, just wrote a post about the power of the Word in song on www.praiseandworshipsongs.net . Actually, the post you have written here is quite beautiful....but how do we do that? I have felt the urge to get substance into the music in a way that relates God to our world today, or life in the moment. But most churches I've been a part of, are very frightened of going too far to the right or left. They are more interested in following the current trend within their denomination. And perhaps, as a music director, I am afraid of the rejection that will ensue, if I "try new things" "write new lyrics" "compose new tunes." But it's on my heart to do so. Thanks for your post.

Worship chords

Worship songs are known as the Christians songs. These songs are 1st time sung in France in early 1950. These songs mainly lead with the guitar and piano. But for these you should learn worship chords.

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