TAKE BACK THE CITY; SNOW PATROL - Song For A Healthy (Belfast) Soul

Lyric For The Day 27.1.13 from Don't I Look Like The Kind Of Guy You Used To Hate by Del Amitri

Del Amitri ep

“Well it was summer, I think, when you said to me,

"Let's just run away"

But somewhere on that road I got married to monotony

And that's what pays this wage

And these tiny symbols of success

Like my black chauffeurs forced friendliness

Are less the spoils of spiritual wealth

Than symptoms of distress”

-         From Don’t I Look Like The Kinda Guy You Used To Hate by Del Amitri

An old cassette I made of Del Amitri b-sides this week turned this great lyric up. Justin Currie is a great lyricist and though I think he might define himself as agnostic or atheist this is far from his only
reference to spiritual issues. A later song When We Were Young also touches on the overall theme of this song which is what you hoped to be when you were growing up and what you have ended up. That in itself is an interesting subject for a blog; maybe soon!

However, today I want us to see in this lyric the question of spiritual wealth. What are our ambitions? What do we invest our energy and lives in? Do our answers, and our commitment to such answers, enhance the fullness of our humanity. This is what Jesus was on about when he talked about gaining the world and losing your soul. Some translations speak of losing your very self. Preach it Justin, preach it!  


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