ADVENT POEM/REFLECTION - Mary; Cursed and... Blessed among Women


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In the morning (11am) Revolution is in the air! There's a rebel in the straw. Jonathan Abernethy- Barkley will look at the impact and legacy of the baby in the manger with the aid if the the birth narrative, the Kingdom manifesto, Scott  Mc knight, Posh and Becks, parents on the run, a baby with a death threat and a Belfastised version of Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. All helping us to realise the baby in the manger calls for more than maintaining the status quo; the baby in the manager calls for the turning upside down of the accepted norm. With carols and other incarnational worship songs led by The Michael Dolaghan Collective!

In the evening (7pm) we will be having an informal rummage through the Christmas story with a choir, Dave Thompson and his own Christmas songs, a few video clips of the season including Love Actually, Milton Jones, maybe Sufjan Stevens... Then in the midst of it all there will be snippets from Stockman, Abernethy- Barkley and Fr Gerry Reynolds on what Christmas means to us. Get in the mood of the season. This is instead of our Christmas Eve event!

and... on Christmas Day... at 10am... start Jesus' birthday with a short reflective Family Service... all very welcome!!!!


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