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TO THE MARROW OF MY SOUL: Searching our Peace Motivations

Search Me Oh God

As many of us find ourselves energised to invest in peace as a result of the Belfast City Hall flag controversy it is always good to test our motives. I wrote this poem after a meeting our
students had with former South African President FW De Klerk. De Klerk shared very honestly with us the political process that ended up allowing the Black vote in South Africa and Nelson Mandela becoming President. He told us that in
peace processes we should search our own motives down to the marrow and then  when we had done that, do it one more time! Indeed let God search ours and see what traces of bigotry, hatred and sectarianism he can find; Psalm 139 asks
that same question.

Search me oh God

Down to the very marrow of my soul

Take every selfish part of me away

That would stop me from being whole

Help me peer inside my prejudice

To see the incentive of all my actions

Make kind the reflexes of my heart

Make gentle the strength of my reactions

Help me squint at every weakness

That comes from family and neighbourhood

To smash all idols of destruction

And create the art of all that is good

Search me oh God

Down to the very marrow of my soul

Take every selfish part of me away

That would stop me from being whole

And when I’ve let you search oh God

Believing to be in Your Spirit’s collusion

Let me look just one more time

For any remnants of my own delusion.


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