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David Campton

Wallace waged war against the brutal and oppressive empire being forged by Edward Longshanks, "Hammer of the Scots" - and if truth be told he did so in an equally brutal fashion (see the burning of the barns of Ayr) so I'm not too sure he's a great model... but the Church, far too often is on the side of empire in its war against the poor and marginalised... or whoever the empire decides is "the other"... We justify acts of war... We fawn for the politically powerful bending over backwards to fit in with their policies to receive funding from them... And even if the most potent empire today is not national, but multi-national capitalism... Again we consistently compromise rather than "stand firm". Also remember that the tactics of Edward were learned in the middle eastern crusades, indeed he tried to persuade the then Pope that the campaign against the barbarous Scots was a crusade itself.


Thank you for this contribution. I love how sermons can be honed and filled out on Facebook and Blogs! I am aware of all of that and the barbaric nature is exactly why I am using it. Paul uses the Roman soldier as his illustration, equally barbaric! Also we are told when we do a Gospel According To... an singer or writer that we are baptising them and endorsing their lifetsyles. Don't think that Paul was baptising Roman soldiers as the paradigm Christian. William Wallace leads me all that perfectly!

The Slicer


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