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Lyric For The Day 27.11.12 from Silver and Gold by Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Silver and Gold

“Lord, come with fire. Lord, come with fire.

Everyone’s wasting their time

Storing up treasure in vain.

Trusting the pleasure it gives here on earth.”

-      from Silver And Gold from Sufjan Stevens


The title track of Sufjan Stevens’ new record is not a sentimental little song of tinsel and bobble or Cliff’s chestnuts roasting on an open fire.” Sufjan is too earthed for that. Yet, neither is this song about
earth. This is a song that judges the great delusion of the modern era, maybe every era, and in its damning critique delivered in gentle melody Sufjan illuminates truth to live by. As the world settles for vain treasures that are momentary and ultimately without substance Stevens asks God to come in rage  to judge the treasure we store. As the title track of a Christmas record what Stevens is saying in his artistic blend of music and literature, that is without any doubt genius, is that this Christmas we will put our faith in and trust that which silver and gold can buy. It is treasure in vain. Maybe if we look closer at the theology at work in the other 57 songs on this release we will find a treasure with more substance and more longevity!


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