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Lyric For The Day 25.11.12 from Sleep by Mark Eitzel

Sleep Mark Eitzel

“Altar boys look good in lace

But they are not known for their guts or good nature

Goodness is not some pretty picture you paint

Its shaking your fist into the face of danger”

      -from Sleep by Mark Eitzel

Though I have most of Mark Eitzel’s recordings with American Music Club and solo it was my good friend Chris Fry who tipped me off
on this great lyric. This morning as I preached on Ephesians 6 and this quote was a great lead in. The myth, or perhaps more sadly the reality, is that Christianity is soft and acquiescent. Paul on the other hand called it a war, not in a military sense, but in a spiritual sense. It is all about being aware of the dangers and shaking our fists at them.


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Annamie Cureteyz

I have not known about this Sleep lyrics actually, and it is just now that I have read about this. Anyway, good share you got here, keep it coming!

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