MARTYN JOSEPH - Songs For The Coming Home

Lyric For The Day 26.10.12 from Crossing The Line by Martyn Joseph

Crazy MJ

“They say without a vision we perish

Without a dream you just drift away

So what are we left with lookin at now

Across the borders and fields

And the doubts that won’t heal

Crossing the line

What kind of love is this

What kind of love is this

Takes all of the shit, the dirt and all of our sins

It takes some sacrifice with good advice

Crossing the line”

-     From Crossing The Line by Bruce Springsteen

I have spent the week in different places, listening to Martyn Joseph’s stunning new record Songs For The Coming Home. Musically and
lyrically it pays spiritual dividends the more plays you give it. This is the opening track. It is a slow burn blues song and there are those who here Sigor Ros in its atmospherics or Springsteen’s Ghost Of Tom Joad. Springteen’s Lift Me Up from the bonus disc of The Essential Bruce Springsteen is what it first brought to my mind, a song that I know Martyn has loved and indeed used as pre concert music.

This middle section of the song is rife with soul food. The need for visions and dreams to survive in the borderlands of a tough world
and then finding this love that will reappear in later songs on the same album. When Joseph takes us into the deep darkness of our messed up world you always find a window where light gets in, where love is found in spite of all that goes on around you. This is where Jesus is incarnate in Joseph’s songs, like a tiny crying baby in a back street of a backwoods middle eastern village. Love is not just a wishful rhyme but a delicate yet somehow robust reality that
deals with all our screwed up humanity. A hopeful thought on the coming home!



OOh he said 'shit' - he must be a radical Christian!

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