Lyric For The Day 26.9.12 from Dignity by Deacon Blue

Lyric For The Day 28.9.12 from Shut It Tight by T Bone Burnett

T Bone Burnett

“Sometimes I want to stop and crawl back into the womb

And sometimes I cannot tell wrong from right

 But I ain't gonna quit until I'm laid in my tomb

 And even then they better shut it tight”

 -      from Shut It Tight by T Bone Burnett

I have been listening to T-Bone this week and he is such a clever
lyricist and has such theological intrigue. He has a marvelous ability to describe objectively the theology of the human in a way that subjectively exposes your soul. In Shut It Tight, with its hillbilly mandolin hoedown long before Mumford & Sons were even a twinkle in rock music’s eye, he comes across as a man who wants to live 10:10, as I call Jesus statement in John 10 verse 10, “I have come that they might have life and life in all its fulness.” That desire to live as close to the full potential that God created and redeemed him to be doesn’t stop Burnett admitting his frailty and confessing his weaknesses. Aware that life’s fullness is lived out in the fullness of life’s joy and pain, hopes and realties Burnett hints that even after a 10:10 life, life will not stop there. In the liner notes of Twenty Twenty; The Essential T Bone Burnett, Burnett writes of this
song, “When we walk away from the light, we are always following our shadows.When we face the light, our shadow is behind us.”


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