Lyric For The Day 28.9.12 from Shut It Tight by T Bone Burnett

Lyric For The Day 26.9.12 from Dignity by Deacon Blue

Deacon Blue Dignity

“And I'm telling this story

In a faraway scene

Sipping down Raki

And reading Maynard Keynes

And I'm thinking about home and all that means

And a place in the winter for dignity...

...And I'm thinking about home

And I'm thinking about faith

And I'm thinking about work

And I'm thinking about how good it would be

To be here someday”

-     from Dignity by Deacon Blue

In my speech at my ordination service way back in February 1988 I explained that Deacon Blue’s Dignity was not a song about boats.  This is one of my favourite rock music images, so vivid in what it conjures on the west coast of Scotland and yet as we travel through those villages and towns we find ourselves seeking a harbour in the cold storms of winter for our own dreams and visions, hopes and loves.  

Dignity is a story song about one life that encompasses within it all the universal questions. Based on one seemingly small life, a litter picker on Glasgow streets, with a dream of a wee boat, singer Ricky Ross finds himself in the song as he writes it on some holiday beach reading economists and thinking big questions about home, faith and work.

Ultimately Dignity is about that place I long for in my own life and the lives of my loved ones. As a pastor long to bring everyone in their lives... “a place in the winter for...”


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And I'm thinking about home

And I'm thinking about faith

And I'm thinking about work

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