LYRIC FOR THE DAY 22.8.12 from There Is A Valley by Bill Fay

Lyric For The Day 21.8.12 from Jesus Etc by Wilco ( and Bill Fay)

Wilco Hotel Foxtrot Life Is People

“our love

our love

our love is all we have

our love

our love is all of God's money

everyone is a burning sun”

-        from Jesus Etc by Wilco (as covered by Bill Fay)

These seemingly simple lyrics of Jeff Tweedy’s throw out a revolution underneath. Bill Fay covers the song on his new record Life Is People, an amazing record that Tweedy guests on (review coming very soon!). In the context of Fay’s spiritual prayers and proverbs these lines rose three dimensional from the lyric sheet. Fay’s strength is in how he wades through the quagmire of the world’s sludge and finds hope and redemption as he travels towards another day living other ways.

That our love is God’s money is a fabulous image. As the world speaks of national wealth by that which we accumulate usually by
seeing profit lines as more important than people, Fay in his art and life is about something so much more wealthy; Life is People! How is the national wealth in God’s money is a great question as we head into our day, as we reflect on the decisions and actions on a day that’s been. A national rich in God’s money of love will be a wealthy people...


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