LYRIC FOR THE DAY 22.8.12 from There Is A Valley by Bill Fay

JUMP - a surmise on committment...



Lord show us the sin of unfulfilled potential

Show us that sin is not always just doing bad things

It is the omission of doing good things

That sin is not always just the things that lead to death

But also the things that stop us having life

Forgive us when we do not imagine

When we fail to dream

When we avoid the risk.

Today Lord You are watching us standing on the ledge

We are safe, though almost afraid of the height

We are gazing into the deep, fresh water of our future

We can easily be excited at the potential

The possibilities are endless

The glimpsing of what blinds the saints

The inklings of forever

The rumours of glory

The first tastes of heaven

Our lives turned upside down

Swept away from our cosy little securities

Into a sea full of vulnerable danger

But total abandonment to You

You are inviting us to jump

To let go

To dive in

To feel the exhilaration

To be thrilled by the fear

Not the fear of dying

But the thrill of living

And then to know we are alive

Alive as we can only be in a sea of faith

In an ocean of trust

In the waters of the constantly born again

The old being washed away

The new making us swimmers in the whirlpool of the late twentieth century

Lord we are standing on the ledge

You are inviting us to jump

Remind us of the sin of the unfulfilled potential

And reveal to us the dreams and visions

Of how our lives can be

If we jump.


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