Lyric For The Day 8.7.12 from Love is A Rose by Neil Young

Lyric For The Day from Lord Of The Starfields by Bruce Cockburn

Cockburn prays

Lord of the starfields

Ancient of days

Universe maker

Here’s a song in your praise

Wings of the storm cloud

Beginning and end

You make my heart beat

Like a banner in the wind

Oh, love that fires the sun, keep me burning

-         From Lord of The Starfields – Bruce Cockburn


An amazing hymn by Canadian mystical poet, guitarist and poet Bruce Cockburn. It is a Psalmlike thing that evokes praise and then moves into that stunning prayer that I have prayed for thirty years – “Oh love that fires the sun, keep me burning.” Writing about the Light doesn’t get much better than this!



Chris MacIntosh

One of my all time favorite songs!!!

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