GLEN HANSARD - Rhythm and Repose

Lyric For The Day 27.6.12 from The Hand Of God by Duke Special

Under The Dark Cloth

“Came from the east, a pilgrim’s son
Changed that faith for another one
When you’ve mouths to feed , you do what you can
Sold me soul to the railway man

All hail the hand of man
Gonna build wherever we can
Gonna make us a holy land
All hail the land of man”
- from The Hand Of Man by Duke Special

One of the many powerful songs on Duke Special’s brilliant Under The Dark Cloth record, this one is potent with prophetic cultural insight. It is a judgment and the expected consequences when a nation deals their soul for material. Though America would seem the nation in the dock here, Glen Hansard’s recent damning of the Irish Celtic Tiger echoes similar sentiments. And before the humanists leave comments the Church needs to hear this song too. You can claim to be worshipping God while still depending on the hand of man. As American Presbyterian minister Tim Keller said in an interview recently it is not wrong things we do that damn us before God. It is self righteousness. Self righteousness inside and outside the Church is when we hail the hand of man or woman or ourselves. 



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