Lyric For The Day 22.6.12 - from You Will Become by Glen Hansard

Rhythm and Repose

“In time this won't even matter

This chapter will be long on the grass

And we'll talk about everything til it's easier

Your beauty is nothing compared to what

You will become

You will become

You will become in time become”

-      From You Will Become by Glen Hansard

For Sunday's Family Service in Fitzroy I am using the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast to share the truth of God’s loving grace. It is the greatest news of all time that God loves us at the very worst of our ugliness as exactly how we are. It is a wonderfully revolutionary message when we hear it under the pressures of the culture we live in. The movie goes on to tell us that being loved as we are is not the end. The Beast starts to become beautiful when he knows he is loved as he is. And so with God. He loves us as we are and loves us so much that he will love us into the full potential of who we could become.

So I am thinking of this and with great anticipation turn on the new Glen Hansard record and the first verse sums Sunday’s sermon up
“Your beauty is nothing compared to what you will become.” Into the order of service immediately!


Air Jordan Flight Team

One of my all time favorite songs!!!

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