LYRIC FOR N. IRELAND DAY OF REFLECTION - from A Seed Was Sown by Luka Bloom
Lyric For The Day 22.6.12 - from You Will Become by Glen Hansard


Seed Sown
(a prayer I used at the Marking Of A Day Of Reflection event in St. Oliver Plunkett Church in Lenadoon on this longest day. Fr Martin Magill and myself were invited by VAST (Victims and Survivors Trust) to lead a reflective time... deep honour)


God we have found a place in your arms

Felt the soft tender down of your wings

You love us as we are

You want so badly to comfort us and heal us

You want to help us to move on a step

To sow one seed in a future

We find it hard God

We feel stuck... frozen in time...

Frustrated with the paralysis of pain

Give us energy, love, forgiveness and hope for one step God

To sow one seed God

Give us your Holy Spirit to find strength

To nudge us forward to make this place a better place,

A safer place and a happier place.

Please God

In the name of the one who was lost... and resurrected... that those of us who lose might believe in resurrection...




Thank you. I think this has just become my favourite prayer......

Air Jordan Flight Team

One of my all time favorite songs!!!

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