Lyric For The Day 23.5.12 from O Spirit Animate Us by Damon Albarn

Dr Dee

“Oh Father, oh Father
Let us not be tied
Keep my spirit strong,
My heart devotion to you
Oh my day is in you, oh my day
Leave me gently
Give us something of a righteous revival
It's all ..kingdom, revival”

-       From O Spirit Animate Us by Damon Albarn

My first Damon Albarn Lyric For The Day but his new record Dr Dee, where all the songs are from the writings of an Elizabethan mathematician John Dee who studied alchemy, divination and Hermetic philosophy, has many Lyric For The Day possibilities. This is not the only prayer on Dr Dee and it seems to me to be a good spiritual prayer to begin the day... Committing our day to righteousness and the Kingdom; bring it on! Amen Damon! Amen!


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