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Lyric For The Day 28.4.12 from Walk On by U2

Lyric For The Day 27.4.12 from Freedom Now by Tracy Chapman

Freedom Now

“Soon must come the day


When the righteous have their way

Unjustly tried are free

And people live in peace I say

Give the man release

Go on and set your conscience free

Right the wrongs you made

Even a fool can have his day


Free your bodies

Free your minds

Free your hearts

Freedom for everyone

And freedom now

Freedom now

Freedom now”

-          From Freedom Now by Tracy Chapman


Today is Freedom Day in South Africa and this lyric seemed an appropriate Lyric For The Day. On the day we celebrate the first democratic elections in that country in 1994 here is a song released just six years before that dreams of such a day. It is actually about freedom for Nelson Mandela who of course won that first election but it is about freedom from apartheid for all and continues to be a freedom song for whoever is oppressed. Last Sunday I mentioned South Africa’s freedom a lot in my sermon on Revelation. –

The title of the of the sermon came from a Jim Wallis phrase based on what he experienced at Mandela’s inauguration. Wallis says, “Hope is believing in spite of the evidence and watching the evidence change.” That is exactly what this song is doing. A real song of hope in the midst of hopelessness. Today we celebrate the faith... the hope... the fulfilment. Happy Freedom Day South Africa!   


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Today is Freedom Day at the most place.

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