Lyric For The Day 28.4.12 from Walk On by U2



Hi Stocki. You may not remember me, but you gave a talk at a Waringstown Presbyterian blokes' midweek gig last year on a MCFC theme and I was the cheeky United bollix who heckled you throughout. I caught your sermon on BBC Radio Ulster ths morning by "accident" and I have to say, you were soooo spot on it almost hurt! It's the vertical and the horizontal, and although tomorrow night I know I'll be bricking it, you have certainly helped me get things into a more balanced perspective. Fair play to you, and I'm enjoying your commentary on Wrecking Ball. Just goes to show you can learn more from a three minute record than you can (sometimes) learn in church. Keep her lit, and I hope we stuff you tomorrow night! Regards, Norm

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