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kyle leitch

hey steve, lovin the blog...just thought id offer up a few chilean music references as they've impacted me at various times over the years..in no particular order...

1- my fave band over past 10 years 'calexico' victor jara's hands from their stunning 'carried to dust' album http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_pZ0zn0qjg&feature=related

2 little steven and the disciples of soul 2nd album features the classic track 'los desaparecidos'...best track on the album.
3 - Garland Jeffries..old friend if bruce and steve who walked onstage last thurs in Austin during 'this land..'and no-one knew he was there until the end!(so many onstage at the time)
Anyway, he recorded an all time fave album of mine way back called 'ghostwriter' the closing epic track is called 'spanish town' and is a haunting lament for 'allende' and a document of the pain in chile at the time.
Garland was subsequently endorsed by e-street band and they recorded with him..but his best work is 'ghostwriter' and spanish town still gives me shivers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwPUvWUdBUs

Have a great trip to usa ..we had a ball last week...thursday bruce keynote/woody 100th/gig with great seats will live long in my memory...great time for me to be connected again... Kyle

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