Lyric For The Day 24.2.12 from Alive In The World by Jackson Browne


Archer 2

" I wanna be someone who makes you feel beautiful

I wanna be someone who does

I wanna be someone who makes you feel beautiful

I wanna be someone

Who covers you with love..."

- from Frozen Lake by Iain Archer

This is now officially the most written about lyric on my blog. I find it profoundly spiritual, doing what all good teaching should; it challenges to the core but with an inspirational push for transformation.

This morning as I preached on the counter agenda of Jesus life and teaching in the Gospel of Luke I couldn’t help thinking of Iain’s performance of this last night at the Crescent Arts Centre. In reading the entire Gospel According to Luke as we did as a congregation this week I was struck by lessons of humility, service and Jesus counter agenda of how we use our wealth and possessions. I found strong echoes in the lines of this tender song are so humble and utterly selfless. The identity of the singer is no longer in what he attains for himself. He wants to be a someone who gives to the other. His life is driven by making beautiful and covering in love.

We ended the service with a prayer that asked us to ask ourselves in our careers are we seeking to make others beautiful or to cover others in love... in how we use our money are our decisions made on how to make people beautiful or cover others in love... in how we spend our time are we driven by how to make others beautiful or cover others with love.

Deep soul critique.


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