Lyric For The Day 24.2.12 from Alive In The World by Jackson Browne


Do not be Afraid

In Fitzroy (Presbyterian Church in Belfast), where I am minister, we are currently as a congregation reading through the entire New Testament during Lent. The first day's reading led me into a new appreciation of these four words, not only some of the most used in the New Testament but also uttered many times in the Old. The words are often spoken in Scripture at times when something very frightening has happened. It could almost always be followed by a faltering, "are you having a laugh... I'm petrified!" Yet, that is the point. At times when the very earth seems to be shaking we are to trust in a God who promises to be with us.

I wrote this for one of our Communal prayer times accompanying the Readings Project. Many of us have a part of our world shaking... let us hear God's words...


Do not be afraid

Even when you are struck dumb by God

Even when an angel sits down beside you

Even when you are told you will have a child without ever being with a man

Even when the pitch black night is ripped to shreds by blinding light

Do not be afraid


Do not be afraid

When you pass through the waters

When you walk through the fire

Though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,
Though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.

Do not be afraid


Do not be afraid

When the wages don’t meet the bills

When your children cause you concern

When a loved one is taken suddenly ill

When you stand at the grave of your partner, parent or friend

Do not be afraid


Do not be afraid

Because you have found favour with God

Because you are precious and honoured in His sight

Because God is our refuge and strength

Because God will always be with you

Do not be afraid.



I really love this! Thanks for posting it.

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