Lyric For The Day 11.1.12 from Carry The Weight by Denison Witmer


Not all of the following books were published in 2011 but I read them in 2011 and these are my favourite 5 Music book reads of last year.

1. Brian J Walsh - Kicking At The Darkness; Bruce Cockburn and Christian Imagination

Walsh Cockburn

To have one of my favourite artists looked at by a theologians who knows his music and his Cockburn was a treat.

for Stocki's full review

2. Leagues O’Toole - The Humours of Planxty

I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I happened to pick up a vinyl copy of Planxty’s debut album and it got me discovering this band that featured Christy Moore who I have been researching for a project Fitzroy is now doing in March called The Gospel According To... Christy Moore. That led me to pick up this book by Leagues O’Toole in another charity shop! O’Toole has done an amazing job at not only telling the quite complicated Planxty story but also contextualising them in the history of Irish traditional music. Written the way I like musical biographies to be written. Off the record detail with really good lengthy insight to the records!

3. David Browne - Fire and Rain

Fire and Rain

This book had me living my summer in the music of 1970. Informative, culturally contextualised and intriguing.

Stocki's full review

4. Daniel Lanois – Soul Mining: A Musical Life

Lanois’ first person account of the development of his own art as musician, songwriter and producer and a few little snippets about U2, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Neil Young etc...

Stocki's full review

5. Olivia Harrison – George Harrison: Living In The Material World


This coffee book of mainly photographs that was part of the Scorcese movie project is fantastic. Tenderly and honestly done by George’s wife Olivia it is more exciting because of the never seen before private shots like the one with Dylan and Harrison playing tennis! Beautiful and brilliant!

Stocki's review of the Living In The Material World movie


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