Lyric For The Day 6.1.12 from Goodnight, Travel Well by The Killers
Lyric For The Day 8.1.12 from God Believes In You by Pierce Pettis

Lyric For The Day 7.1.12 from Barstools and Baggage by Bill Mallonee

Bill Mallonee

"Now there's the sound of your wounds you keep tryin' ta' keep hid
there's the sound your dreams make....hittin' the skids
mile marker countdowns and the rooms where we all grieve
where we all meet for a moment...and try to believe”

-      From Barstools and Baggage by Bill Mallonee

My old friend put this lyric up as his Facebook status yesterday and it resonated. It is another of Bill’s road songs where he has used those hundreds of journeys between gigs over these past 20 years to somehow reflect on the pilgrimage of faith. On this particular barstool people are licking their wounds and regretting their dreams that have disappeared.  When we watch people trying to believe in a bar situation it might bring, sadly, an authenticity to belief than is lost when people dress up, polish the shoes, perfectly knot the tie and carry their huge black leather Bible into a Church where perhaps all seems to good to be true. The journey of faith is a struggle in doubt and we in Churches need to realise that “we are all debtor souls”... which is eher the chorus takes us. Only then can Jesus be of use.


The Slicer

Great commentary, Stocki. Must track down the album!

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