Lyric For The Day 10.1.12 from All My Favourite People by Over The Rhine

Lyric For The Day 11.1.12 from Carry The Weight by Denison Witmer


“Carry the weight of your neighbor
Carry the weight of a stranger
I'm not afraid to say I don't know what to do

And so I carry the weight
Carry the weight
Carry the weight
Carry the weight

Carry the weight of each other
Carry the weight of another
I'm not afraid to say I don't know”

-       From Carry The Weight by Denison Witmer

Yesterday’s Lyric For The Day looked at Over The Rhine’s All My Favourite People that was used in Fitzroy’s alternative service last Sunday night. Here was another of the songs used. Denison Witmer’s work is infused by his Mennonite background. Actions speak louder than words and everything is laced through with gentleness and peace. Here’s a song of Christian responsibility and indeed a convicted commitment to carrying the neighbour and stranger, both recurring words from Scriptures, even when intellectual faith is not so convinced. Our priority is to carry each other and to be there for each other as we stumble and tumble in our cerebral understanding and behavioural failings and disappointments; loving your neighbour is more crucial that creedal understanding. I am immediately reminded of Bruce Springsteen’s If I Should Fall Behind. But that is for another Lyric For The Day!  


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