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Fantastic, Steve. Next time you do this please mention my name as one in need of forgiveness too.

Paul Leader

I love this Steve, thank you for honest, real, reflection.

Huw Thomas

What an utterly ridiculous thing to do. The Bible tells us that God holds us accountable as individuals (The sins of the fathers etc etc in Ezekiel). Cromwell will stand before the bar for his own sins. We don't need to apologise for him. The crusades were perpetrated by unregenerate wicked Roman Catholic leaders and along with tele-evangelists raking in the money under the guise of ministry we can leave them to the Great White Throne. We have enough sins of our own to deal with let alone those of figures from a past time or distant place. Confession and apology start with God and then to those whom we have personally hurt.


"It might also just draw prostitutes, lepers and tax-collectors into our friendship circles!"

That presupposes they're (we're!) not already there in one form or another. Almost all of us are corporate whores, people you cross the street to avoid, working for the Man..... There is no "Them", only "Us" - which makes the coming of Immanuel all the greater a relief.

Debbie Thomas

Brilliant, Steve - hear hear and hear again. The more Christians like me admit the church's - and my own - failings, the more irresistible Jesus becomes. Not forgetting, of course, all the good the church has done too. Have you come across The Book of Books by Melyn Bragg, celebrating all the wonderful works inspired by the KJV? A breath of fresh air after those evangelical atheists - who, let's face it, have a point. Debbie

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