Lyric For The Day 29.11.11 from Us Against the World by Coldplay

Lyric For The Day 30.11.11 from Boots by The Killers

Boots Killers

“I wasted my wishes on Saturday nights
Oh, what I would give for just one more
I’d soften my heart and shock the world

Do you hear my voice?
Do you know my name?

Light my way
Lift my head
Light my way”

-      From Boots by The Killers

The Killers make great Christmas singles. Boots is based on the movie Wonderful Life and indeed has the prayer that James Stewart prays at the start of that great film. The words in today’s Lyric For The Day are based on that. There is a man regretting the way he took in life, looking back at his childhood with all those warm Christmas feelings and then seeking that God, at the centre of the spiritual Christmas, would show him the way. Call it a conversion song. Call it a repentant song. Call it a commitment to follow Jesus song. Call it another soul drenched Killers song. More than it being good and the lyrics being good for a healthy soul buying it is a huge benefit to AIDS charity RED. 80p of the iTunes download goes to that cause. But the entire EP though with all the great Killers Christmas songs including one of my favourite theological Christmas songs Joseph, Better You Than Me and this years The Cowboys Christmas Ball! Christmas songs with benefits to World AIDS Day tomorrow. Brilliant!What are you waitin’ for!


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