Lyric For The Day 30.11.11 from Boots by The Killers

Lyric For The Day 29.11.11 from Us Against the World by Coldplay

Coldplay UATW

“The tightrope that I'm walking just sways and ties

The devil as he's talking with those angel's eyes

And I just want to be there when the lightning strikes

And the saints go marching in”

-      From Us Against The World by Coldplay

I was particularly drawn to the sparse Us Against The World on the new Coldplay album Mylo Xyloto. It is a lament but adds the sense of being in it together and being committed. We need those kind of songs. And Coldplay take it further with the hopefulness of these lines. In other lines on this songs, and indeed across the entire record, there is a belief in new beginnings. Every now and again Chris Martin’s growing up in a Christian home comes out and here’s one of those moments; it's eschatological!



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This is my favourite song at the moment; I drive my husband mad playing it (and Paradise) far too frequently for his liking! I did not know that Chris Martin came from a Christian background.

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