Prayer For The Sunday of World AIDS Day

Lyric For The Day 27.11.11 from Those DIstant Bells by Snow Patrol

SP Looking Up

“You can hear those distant bells
And you know they'll never leave
It's like your church is crying out
Like the wolf calls to the young”

-       From Those Distant Bells by Snow Patrol

On a Sunday afternoon between Church services I am drawn to this verse from Snow Patrol. There are a few references to Church and prayer on Fallen Empires. The Church needs to be that distant bell that draws you back when you need refuge and retreat from the relentlessness of the world. The Church as a parent calling to its young as a reminder of care and shelter is a great image and I love the idea of the wolf image; God nor his Church are supposed to be safe! May we in Fitzroy be this image to our young and our community.

entire SOUL SURMISE section on SNOW PATROL


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