Lyric For The Day 18.11.11 from Questions by Steven Curtis Chapman
LYRIC OF THE DAY/LITURGICAL CONFESSION 20.11.11 from Humble Me by Norah Jones

Lyric For The Day 19.11.11 from Shine by Daniel Lanois

Lanois Shine

“In the end the thing that keeps me walking is your shine
Your shine in transmissions, your shine in decisions
Your shine when I labour to the new day
It's your shine, your shine, your shine, shine, shine on”

-      From Shine by Daniel Lanois

I am currently reading Daniel Lanois’ brilliant biography Soul Mining: A Musical Life and it a fascinating reflection of a life and of the art of music making. At the core of Lanois’ life and work is a spiritual belief that is no doubt far from orthodox but strong all the same. Shine form the album of the same name has that belief to the fore. These lines could be a creed for Lanois life. There is something beyond him that is preparing him for what is up ahead artistically and in life and he is seeking that light to lead him on. The Psalmist recognised the word of God as lamp to the feet of the seeker. The New Testament recognises Jesus as the light of the world. Lanois glimpses that light in every nook and cranny of life and art.


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