Lyric For The Day 18.11.11 from Questions by Steven Curtis Chapman

Lyric For The Day 17.11.11 from Hymn For A New Age by Ray Davies


“Ooh have you heard the news
Bible bashers where are the queues
A saint played a gig but he got crap reviews
The punters didn't like the product or the venue

I need something to connect to
Someone to help me through
Something I can pray to

This is my hymn for a new age
Rewrite the book on a fresh page
If I'm to find God and be saved
I need a hymn for a new age”

-      from Hymn For A Modern Age by Ray Davies

Ray Davies, leader of the huge sixties band The Kinks, is one of Britain’s best singer songwriters and here he has a go at my vocation and workplace - "The punters didn't like the product or the venue" ouch! Hymn For A New Age asks provocative questions of the Church suggesting, in no uncertain terms, that it is out of date and needs re-imagined to suit the modern world. Of course I would agree that Davies has a point. As minister of a Church who is gaining new members from people who live thirty miles away I am too aware that even Christian believers are finding it difficult to find Churches that feed their souls in ways that are relevant to their lives in the modern world. Building on the good aspects of Church traditions, without tampering with Christ the cornerstone, we have really got to dress ancient truth in modern language and worship and wrestle with the issues and crisis of this generation.

That does not mean compromise. If our legendary Kink is looking for a faith that erases ethics and morals and makes an anything goes behavioural pattern then he’s looking in the wrong place. Firstly, the Church has a prophetic mandate to collide with the hedonistic, self-indulgence of the modern malaise and secondly, if faith dilutes its message, to a watered down anything goes so that everyone feels warm and fuzzy and unaccountable to a higher standard, then it is of no use to humanity at all.

Let the Church hear Davies challenge, however. Let us always be determined to translate the faith for contemporary ears and souls.


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