Lyric For The Day 25.10.11 from Bad As Me by Tom Waits

Lyric For The Day 26.10.11 from The Bad In Each Other by Feist


“When a good man, and a good woman

Can't find the good in each other

And a good man and a good woman

Bring out the worst in the other,

The bad in each other”

       - From The Bad In Each Other by Feist

Human relationships, and the breakdown thereof, are a recurring theme in the Lyric For The Day series. The feisty Canadian Leslie Feist puts it blunt and puts it well. Of course those of us from a Christian faith will recognize that none of us are inherently “good” but it is also important for the Christian to recognize that the image of God remains, if tainted. What never ceases to amaze me is that when we claim that God has redeemed us in Jesus that we continue to miss the image of God in each other and continue to only find the bad. This causes us to bring out the worst in each other which is no sign of, or building up of, the Kingdom. Jesus spoke a lot about not being judgemental and about seeing the speck in self before pointing at the log in others. Loving neighbour as self seems an antithesis of Feist’s potent lyric.


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