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canal ways

ah, you know, from a Christian point of view maybe it's good for U2 to have to play a concert in a sort of position of weakness instead of one of power?
For a long time they've been in control with the stadium and the all powerful stage set up...maybe it was a show when they had to be servants instead of the kings, and thats sort of the Kingdom way...
also, Helen and I were just talking about how the protest to U2 compares to the fawning over Beyonce (who is talented beyond doubt)....but there seems to be no questioning over whether she is a good role model to women (because it seems to be taken that she is or something). Get known for speaking out world poverty and you're a hypocrite, gyrate around the stage looking glam with the bling and looks and the whole world loves you.


I found Bono's Joseph of Aramathea link by far the most interesting part of their Glasto appearance. There were a few high points where they nearly broke through the rain and exhaustion, but mostly they just felt a bit knackered. Coldplay put on a bit more of a show, but I thought if anything they were even more flat. I missed most of Beyonce. I wasn't earning my $1 million for a Gaddafi family private gig, I was watching the infinitely more entertaining Eels on the Red Button. Other high points for me were TV on the Radio, Mumford & Sons (some interestng sounding new stuff from them) and Elbow - though Guy Garvey was a bit TOO comfortable with the crowd.

Mac keylogger

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