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Paul B


John T

Funny how things come in runs (of the Spirit) - 24hrs before hearing Wolterstorff, I had been reading NT Wright and he was saying exactly the same thing (and a few others) about dikaios and dikaiosyne, and significance of LXX translation. Then I found it repeated by Prof Wolterstorff, then supported by a NT scholar friend and, just to ram the point home, (in case I'd missed all the other examples) my minister puts a post up on exactly the same subject... Now to work out what to do....


There is something pivotal to be understood here, but I feel I'm still some way from grasping it! The implication is that Jesus knows (with all the assuredness of a monarch sitting knowing a chair will be provided) that his Church will be there to administer this "justice" when people are hungry or cold. Does that mean the Church is failing - that a linguistic anomaly has confused our priorities? And where does that leave your advice to your friend? And why did Jesus say life is more than food, the body more than clothing? Is he only speaking in the light of this task he has given his Church, or is he, as you'd hinted at earlier, pointing towards a simpler, less "things"-obsessed life?

Anyway, there's no shortage of food-for-thought here! (Incidentally, our words "righteousness" and "justice" probably reflect the duality of the Norman/Anglo-Saxon heritage of the English language, with "justice" derived from Norman-French/Latin and "righteousness" from the Anglo-Saxon "rihtwísness", whose Latin translation was "justitiam" - justice).

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