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Thanks for this Steve... I'm sitting here enjoying an album I never would have found otherwise.
Hope you're well.

Mike R

It's a fantastic album. It's musically succulent, has incredible depth, and an extraordinary amount of layers to it. I love his vocals too - very intimate, but also strangely threatening - almost like listening to profanities being whispered in your ear by a mad man. This album is jaw-droppingly good.

Van Peebles

This is an album of rapturous beauty, vaulting ambition, disarming honesty and uncommon tenderness.

Mr Friday must groan every time a comparison is made between U2 and his latest project. But as you note, the influence is just as strong in the other direction.

In fact, for those of you who might feel that U2's creative high-point came with the Achtung/Zooropa double-bill before they drove off in search of Pop, catholic sounds like the third album in that cycle. The yearning midnight grandeur of Ultraviolet and Acrobat and The First Time pours into this rockpool where Mr Friday dwells.

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