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Always dangerous to argue from silence, even if I agree with some of your critiques of modern pietistic evangelicalism. Also always wary of treating recent converts as poster-boys/girls for faith or trophies of grace, whether they be celebrity Christians or "ordinary joes". Was embarassed by a lot of what was written about Dylan at the time of the aforementioned "trilogy"... if anything, that was one of the things that prompted me to look beyond the issue of conversion to that of discipleship... I wonder did anyone ever help Dylan to do the same?




Dylan has never renounced his belief in Christianity.

David Rodriguez

Hi Jerry: It would be interesting to read the reason why you say Dylan never renounced. Can you expand?

Kent Svendsen

Great article. I play a number of songs from Dylan's Christian albums and every time think to myself. "How can somebody who can so clearly describe their conversion experience and have such a mature Christian testimony stop and walk away?" I recently bought his book which describes his experiences and life history. I was hoping to read about his conversion and find some explaination as to why he just seemed to quit. There was an entire decade missing as far as the time line (and you guessed it) it was the time prior to and after his three Christian albums. Some say Evangelical Christianity gave him a very hard time because he wanted to continue on the secular singing circuits and they only wanted him to do church concerts. I seem to remember him singing a Christian song on Saturday Night Live or some other late night show shortly after his conversion experience.

The Slicer

Dave, and Guys.... what silence?! I'd take a leap and suppose that Dylan's hardly entirely orthodox - what chance had he in the environment he was left with when he started to ask the reaching questions that his songs testify to. But silence?.... It's all there in the songs... old ones that he still sings.... AND newer ones. "Spirit on the water, darkness on the face of the deep...", when the deal goes down, make you feel my love, I and I, ring them bells, everything is broken... to name just a few.

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