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Bill Fleming

Stockie I always take time out for Soul Surmise which in my view is one of the best things about being on Facebook.

This is a great commentary. It doesn't even include things like how we jumped into wheelie bins when we sensed the slightest hint of danger. You make us sound heroic. I will always love you for that.

Even now as middle aged old farts, when any of us 174 Trust crew share a coffee we often reflect with 20 years more experience about the whole experience. Warts and all or not at all has got to be the way of it. That having been said, it was the most incredible experience of my Christian life.

I think you misunderestimate (my favourite Bushism) your own role btw. You were our cultural and religious Yoda. You played your role well as you do to this day.

God bless my friend.



Thanks for this Stocki.
what's the book called and where could I get hold of it?

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