Lyric Of The Day 28.12.10 from All My Favourite People by Over the Rhine
RESOLUTIONS - Pause For Thought 4.1.11

Lyric For The Day 4.1.11 from Here It Is by Over The Rhine

“Some call it obsession
I call it commitment
I make my confession
I make it in public

I hope that it’s helpful
That others can use it
That it’s more than my ego
And my need to abuse it”

          From Here It Is by Over The Rhine

Linford and Karin 2 

You’ll be reading a lot on this blog about Over The Rhine in the next while. Their new album The Long Surrender is in the hands of the fans if not due in the stores til February so I am able to leave my review for a little while. Safe to say that I will acclaim them as poets of faith as the things that they always give you are poetry and faith and lots of beauty laid over the top.

This lyric is from their Christmas album for all year round, Snow Angels. I love it’s boldness of commitment and it’s vulnerable humility. I’ve been trying to write a poem about how we need to hold faith strong and bravely but gently and humbly. Why do I bother when these guys do it so much better.

Anyway, as someone who lives his confession very much in public whether at the front of my beloved Fitzroy family or on this little back alley blog, this is my prayer for the new year.... I hope that it’s useful... and some of you can use it!


justin gannet

welcome back stocki,wonderful blog on here it is,man what a really digging this,great stuff definatley gonna use it thanks otr and stocki

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