Lyric For The Day - Doin' Time by Justin Hayward

O COME O COME EMMANUEL by Willard Grant Conspiracy

Over familiarised, this old carol may seem benign BUT this is a subversive prayer! I guess it depends where you are. If you are a child soldier in some ugly war then bring it on! If you are under strict military regimes and yearn for freedom bring it on! If you are living in the middle of destitute township Africa’s injustice in trade and fairness to clean water and cheap drugs then bring it on!

BUT... if you are in the pampered west living in decadent luxury at the cost of so many then this is a dangerous prayer. Are we ready for “the first made last and the last made first...” Are we ready to serve rather than Lording it? Are we ready for when the poor and the meek take over?

It is such a subversive rage of a prayer that Willard Grant Conspiracy’s version is the one to down load. Robert Fisher’s deep souled voice, that often times signs of murder and judgement draws every scary note from this Kingdom crashing piece. Mighty!


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