Lyric For Christmas Day 2010 from Mary's Song by Dave Thompson
Lyric For The Day 4.1.11 from Here It Is by Over The Rhine

Lyric Of The Day 28.12.10 from All My Favourite People by Over the Rhine

Linford and Karin 2 

“All my friends are part saint and part sinner

We lean on each other

Try to rise above


We’re not afraid to admit that we’re all still beginners

We’re all late bloomers

When it comes to love


All my favourite people are broken

Believe me

My heart should know


Orphaned believers, sceptical dreamers

Step forward

You can stay right here

You don’t have to go.”

          From All My Favourite People by Over The Rhine


Ah...these are the people I want to belong to. Authentic fallen short, missing the mark, clinging to grace people. Home! Church!


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