Lyric For The Day 24.12.10 from Freedom Hangs Like Heaven by Iron & Wine
Lyric Of The Day 28.12.10 from All My Favourite People by Over the Rhine

Lyric For Christmas Day 2010 from Mary's Song by Dave Thompson

“There was nothing promised that is easily imagined,
And questions of the future leave me puzzled and concerned.
I don’t know where tomorrow leads,
But his grace today is all I need;
I know his love and love him in return.

And my senses overwhelm me
When I estimate his majesty
Every fibre of my being
Joins with all creation singing
Songs of how the weak are lifted up,
Songs that tell the richness of his love.”

          From Mary’s Song by Dave Thompson

Fitzroy’s artistic talent has taken off in recent months with poetry, video and music being created as quick as you can blink. Our Christmas services and events have been really lifted by the songs written around the incarnation by Dave Thompson, unrecorded outside his own kitchen and unreleased apart from his wife allowing him out to Church! His songs have been a revelation in more ways than one with their hybrid of early David Gray with the Biblical imagination of Andrew Peterson.

Mary’s Song is a stunning song with great truth, insight and intrigue. Whether with the powerful voice of Caroline Orr or, as he did at our Christmas Eve service, a vulnerable slower version, these lines particularly the last two are for me the power of Christmas 2010. Thank you sir... now for 2011!

Happy Christmas Soul Surmisers!


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