LYRIC FOR THE DAY 4.11.10 from Tug Of War by Paul McCartney

Lyric For The Day 3.11.10 from I May Know The Word by Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant 

“I may know the word
But not say it
I may know the truth
But not face it

I may hear a sound
A whisper, sacred & profound
But turn my head

-      From I May Know The Word -Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant’s atmospheric voice makes the sacred sense of these lyrics even more profound. I have no idea whether Merchant is aware of her use of “the word” and the Christian use of “the word” to describe The Scriptures and more powerfully Jesus as “the Word made flesh.” It is so clear from a Christian perspective that you are thinking she must.

Whatever, this song is a wonderful reflection on whether there is any use of knowing the word if we do nothing about it. This is the great dilemma for those who have the Scriptures as the central thrust of their lives. In the regular reading, thinking, preaching and memorising of the word, do we then live it. When “the word became flesh” we saw God’s purpose. It was not enough to have 39 old Testament books, no matter how inspired by the Holy Spirit they might be. It had to be made flesh. It had to be lived. And so my relationship with God’s word today... I may know it... but...



Awesome stuff, Stocki, but Whitters is gonna give a little thought: God is incarnate all throughout scripture, including the OT. Incarnate in a different way...in a pillar of cloud and fire leading a chosen people to freedom, in a voice that guides kings, prostitutes and prophets and in the power of mighty acts of liberation using ordinary stuff like a sea and parting it. God is, of course, most fully incarnate--made flesh--in Jesus Christ, but this wasn't a new part of God's character revealed...it was a continuation of it. I don't think it was because God's pursuing of people in the OT failed that Christ came, I think it's because that's WHO God is. Incarnate throughout all of scripture and our lives.

I preached on Habakkuk last Sunday and found the God revealed there to be incredibly incarnate...literally speaking to a hurting human being of vision and then bearing the hardest questions of life and suffering that human could express. God is consistent in who s/he is...with us from the very beginning of history to the very end and beyond it.

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