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Lyric For The Day 26.10.10 from Magdalena by Brandon Flowers

“Prodigal sons and wayward daughters
Carry mandalas that they might
Be delivered from the depths of darkness
And born again by candlelight
And born again my candlelight”

          From Magdalena by Brandon Flowers

On his debut solo album Flamingo, The Killers’ main man Brandon Flowers comes across as a young Bruce Springsteen in his lyrical characters and their flights from where they are to somewhere better. Flowers has something extra going for him than Springsteen had. With many of us excited at the 21 unreleased tracks coming from Bruce in The Promise, due soon, it is a good time to compare and contrast him with the young upstart from Vegas. Springsteen’s alienated young men and women were certainly seeking a Promised Land but weren’t sure where. As Springsteen said himself, at a later more mature date, he realised he had gotten all these people into cars and needed to figure out somewhere to take them.

Flowers comes to the play with a Mormon faith that gives him somewhere to take them; his belief in redemption, salvation and rebirth. As a Christian I have debated many times with door to door Mormon missionaries quite fundamental differences in how we see humanity, Jesus and the way to this salvation, that Flowers sings about, but I rarely hear a theological concept in Flowers’ lyrics that I could have too much debate with. This lyric is a simple declaration of the Christian Gospel; prodigals all have a tangible hope of deliverance and a brand new shot at life.   

Flamingo by Brandon Flowers reviewed


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