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Great. Is there room for "Woodstock" in there too ("We are stardust...")? Don't the two somgs make a good head and heart pair? If art is more a matter of the heart than the head, what of the role of our head in the future?

And on the subject of head and heart, in this envisaged future eternal community with no fear, no doctors, policemen or judges, will there be thinkers alongside the poets and musicians? Will seeing face to face mean we will know everything, or will there still be the joy of discovery?

Will we still be asking questions such as these??!!!

canal ways

man, I've listened to that album so many times but never noticed how beautiful those first 4 lines are. That's what I feel like and like Martyn J said at his songwriting thing, 'good art makes you feel like you're not alone in this world...'

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