MARTYN JOSEPH - Under Lemonade Skies

Lyric For The Day 17.10.10 from In Heaven by Steve Turner

"In heaven there will be no policemen,
because there will be no crime.
There will be no soldiers,
because there will be no war.
There will be no doctors,
no surgeons, no nurses.
There will be no prison warders,
security guards, undertakers,
insurance salesmen, judges,
watch-makers, fire-fighters, evangelists,
gossip columnists, prostitutes
or ambulance drivers.
But there will be poets.
Poets and musicians.
This much we know."

My friend Dave Campton sent me this on Facebook when he saw that I was preaching on the importance of art in all things Kingdom bringing. It is brilliant in that Steve Turner's artistic way. It proves the point of art's power and does it in an artistic way. So glad we'll have Steve Turner in heaven! I used it the conclusion to my sermon, read off Facebook on my phone!


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